Friday, September 16, 2016

a song piece for Nick

this is not a poem, this is a memory
of a high school friend
whose name i cannot remember
although it could well have been Nick

what i do remember is a pair
of large and dark eyes,
mostly quiet, and perhaps a tad shy
and i also remember a bunch of kids
sitting a little too high
on school benches
or sliding rather quietly
on the dark corridors
in their blue indigo uniforms

the reason i write is the sound
my friend made
in front of these seemingly
ready to mock, or to laugh
or to love common friends
you see he was mostly quiet
my friend, but from 3-5
he was part of a rock band
and then and there he could scream
he could shout, and let it all out
and one day, just because
i had asked he showed off his sound
without fear of the laughter,
mocking, or  love

i hope my dear friend
you can find your rock band
i hope you can find your loud voice
to scream it all out
i enjoy the sound that you make
i hope you not fear the mocking,
the laughter, the love
that you 'll get
in your face , or your heart

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