Friday, May 04, 2018

Everybody’s poems

It was a humid night
And it rained lots of love 
And when we woke up
It was raining light
So the seeds of the poems
Planted last night
Grew up like weeds
At the side of the road

There is no shame
To bend down
Pick some up
To flavor your cooking
There is so much light
They should be growing 
Poems in everybody’s yard
Together with grass

Mustang Lady

Mustang lady

She rode a yellow mustang
Her voice was speckled with dust
But her words flowed like honey 
And she had a knack for holding
The reins real tight, a sweet way
That barely upset anybody 
Who’s ever been around her 
To see her and love her
and survive with their soul never
Intact - but touched by the 
Lady who rode the yellow mustang 

April Breeze

April breeze

Love is the blushing petal
That carves its way up
In the cold April wind
Towards the sun

Friday, March 30, 2018


she is like molasses
and she sweetens your soul
she makes your world twirl
in a whirlwind of song

under her dark curls
she sparks smiles
and she shoots giggles
to highlight the skies

she flies low, she flies high
her energy could power
a rollercoaster
and she tempers is down

with the gentlest of hugs
with her most caring questions
she sweetens your soul
that she melted into molasses

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

artichoke fields

I have had the fortune
Of walking among fields
Of blooming artichokes
While holding in my arms
Ever so tight my newborn son

And since the earth could feel
How insecure 
the steps I took all were 
it turned the path
To soft and gentle mud
So if even we’d fall 
we would be welcome 
in it’s warm embrace 

As is looked down
Into the cuddle to my son 
his budding red haired head 
emerged, his eyes
Looked sharp and pointed up
Towards the vast serenity
Of sky and sun

Then with his tiny hand
And growing soul
He hugged me back
Since then I know
That even if we fall
We’ll be alright

We’d help and pick 
each other up
To walk with our spirits
Twice in strength 
Towards the future
And the light it holds

With cheer and hope
we will move forward
on our separate paths
and still be bound
By sky and mud alike 
And the the blooming artichokes 
The fields have had 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

balanced flow

everything goes round
as air flows through the lungs
and blood flows through the heart
so does
love flow through the veins
life flow through the heart
light flow through the brain
and then
it shoots in a rainbow
as water sinks in the ground
and humble grass grows
cause all
deserve to learn and grow
and owe to teach what they know
share with the young
light a spark
until the young grow
and learn how things flow
and everything goes round

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

my neighbor

this woman, my neighbor
she has a big heart
as big as a coffee shop
so we all stop by and chat

this woman, she'll adopt
all the neighbors
she makes me wonder
how she can love the whole lot

this women she rescues
pets in distress whom she heals
so they don't limp anymore
but bounce from her arms

i wonder how she has healed
and how many hearts
for neighbors and i bet for the strangers
with whom she imparts joie de vivre

and coffee chats

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ode to new

if you are complacent
in the comfort of what you know
how will you grow
the shoots of nascent awe

Monday, January 29, 2018

Nichita's #1

“If one day I would lay my kiss
Onto the soles of your feet
Would you be able to walk
Or would you be afraid
To crush my kiss, and limp a bit?”
Attempt to translate - Nichita Stanescu

Friday, January 05, 2018


i look forwards to living tomorrow
because tomorrow i will see you
and you will give me incentive to
look forwards to the next tomorrow too

somedays when you are not there
or my friends have rarified in thin air
i just get up because i feel
others may lookout towards me
as i look towards me
i fear of letting them down
so we bootstrap you see
each other you and me

so my friend look forwards to tomorrow
i will give you incentives to
and we will forage for the fast multiplying
wild and hidden love flowers and fruits

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

sweet and strong

it is hard to stay sweet, it is hard to stay soft
in a world that presses hard on its carbons
hoping they will turn into diamonds
it is hard to stay afire when the storms come
and yet with our lights on, we still glow

we glow hot, and we burn out of patience
if we do not remember to look out
for our siblings and neighbors;
the ones who were tried before us
in hot fires shall teach us

you do what you can and you sail
in the storm cause there are no shelters
for our bodies and souls, unless if we build them.
we look out for our children
feeding on their sweet love, and crying for their pain

it gets easy if we look outside of us and we share
the worlds of our words, the peace of our souls,
the hunger, the food, the thirst and the wine
and if we are really vulnerable,
the dream to stay strong

- this one for Evelyn

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


if i whistle in a forest
if i whistle in a dream
if nobody cares to listen
should i whistle still?

if bat my arms at random
when luck throws me in a river
never minding if i shiver
i should hope to learn to swim

if i put my legs in order
one in front of the lazy other
and i start my journey
will it matter?

it will matter if i gather
seeds of love, and seeds of knowledge
to plant along the pathways
that we'll carve inside our forest

i plan to share the journey,
and the love that will be planted
in the songs i will be dreaming
while i am whistling

Saturday, December 09, 2017


fire through the veins
through the forest
through the sky
spreading fast
reaching out
with bursts
of light

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


A the end of the year you may find
that you have taken a lot of heat
and on the side - you have developed
a special sense to detect smoke.
and if your mind muscles are a bit sore
it is all for better because
you have emerged shiny and strong
from the kiln, and you have learned
that to make your path
towards light you may have
to take heat - sometimes
and you can!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017


peace springs with your words
out of your mouth
your words are the sprouts
of a bright and kind
love spring from your acts
out of your hands
which shape the objects
that we all touch
as we grow
the looks out of your eyes
comes in warm waves
as your embrace molds us
into the the children
of your light

the wisdom of the earth

the soil under our feet
gives us roots,nourishment, and strength
to us who roll our lives forgetful, and tall
scraping its surface
while in its wisdom
it waits quietly, respectful and kind
for some well deserved
return on investment

Monday, October 30, 2017

north migration

I have moved my heart to the north
not much, but enough so that
i would not mind the cold
and the blows of random winds
unless they break trees to the ground.
i hear now the songs of ice
as it expands sending ahead
waves of shivers
but i  have toughened up
for the northeasters
are yet to come
and we still have to learn
to stay alive
with our heads above ground
in the middle of the protective forest
taking example from hardwoods
and evergreens
and farther beyond these,
the modest but of so flavorful
juniper bushes and berries

Thursday, September 28, 2017


the piano is suspended in silence
hanging in the air
by an invisible spider thread
and all you can hear are footsteps
muffled by the increasing distance
which only takes them away.

i wonder where did this come from
and for how long i can still hang
without bouncing onto the spider web
to stick up there with the piano
to bang the keys and break the silence
into pieces of crystal of focussed sound

will you spread the sound
fill the surround with love, and light
until the net lets go and we will bounce
float up, with music pieces and all
into the comfortable space
made by the spiders of silence

Sunday, September 17, 2017


some people are like diamonds
they shine
with some of their faces
and their many truths.
they look good in the night
but hurt in the sun

some people are like mirrors
the shine
right back the rays
which hit them
in straight lines of silvery light.
they make no use of the dark

some people are like fire
they shine
from within with the spark
of the light burning inside
sharing their heat equally
with the day and the night

Friday, September 01, 2017

needy poem

every now and then
there comes a need
to read love poems
let them ring deep
in the empty mind
let them fill
the darkness
with light

every now and then
there comes a wish
to sing love
the songs that
it needs
to fill the space
that we inhabit
so we can live

Friday, July 07, 2017


some stay unbroken
because they bend
and others stand up
like white knights
on tall horses;
but most break down
in tears or obedience;
their dreams
running down
with the sewage
and streaming
into wide oceans.

there at the edge
between real and eternity
you find them;
at times riding the waves,
at times rolling with fish
and other strange
the rebels
keep trying
to stand up
on their boards

Thursday, June 22, 2017


there was a strange woman
who lived down the street
she wore her best gowns
when she planted the seeds
of beautiful flowers

she built herself a garden
when all silent neighbors
were tending the lawns
laying ruly and low (green and boring)
under their feet.

she taught kids about music
and piano sonatas
and crazy forgotten traviattas
i am sure she was lonely
and i hope she was sweet

she has gone north
with the wind
the strange woman
who left us the flowers
of wonder, right at our feet


it is not in my power
to break your silence
or to flap your wings
but i can whistle and blow
and raise the high winds
for you to feel
the desire to fly;
or i can silence and wait
till you feel the blade
of green grass
cutting through the dark
and into the light
and wait for the star
that you are to be born
shinning and clad
from the heat of the hearth

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the gift

i give you
a rich imagination
it is a precious gift
as well as a liability
so you will often need
reality checks

if lost - you will be able
to find a path
and if a gap
interrupts your path
you will be able
to build a bridge

if lonely
you will find
a dense net
from heart
to heart
to a friend

do not fall
in love with wizards
and leprechauns
do not kiss
countless frogs
but stick to your friends

for i have given you
a rich imagination
as a gift, as well as liability
a need to hold hands with your friends
a hunger to laugh and to forget
that you need reality checks

Monday, June 19, 2017


when everything falls apart
you may decide to fall to the base
and there at ground level to seek
and nurture the roots

when everything falls
you too may fall
swinging together
in  dance for a while

allow yourself a little rest
to feed on the bitter roots
gather the strength to climb
the stem of  magic bean stalks

lift up into the light
empowered by the knowledge
imparted at the base
of what will be your tree

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


you make me think forwards
you make me think open
you make me dream
and think in terms of we
i like to think that
i also make you thinks forwards
and open, and that you
dream in resonance of we
taking small steps forwards
fearless into the open
preparing to move through leaps
boundless alternates to strings;
the only strings and equilibrium points
i need lie in you hands
give me your hands
stretch to reach besides your grasp
i will lift you, and you will lift me
and we'll make all the rivers dance

Thursday, May 11, 2017

this i believe

i believe
that giving makes you free
to move on to other things;
that teaching is the supreme
form of giving;
that working together
is better than racing
against each other.
i believe you can create
in harmony and trust
and hope that we can 
all get better at what we do.
i believe in learning
at any age;
and in receiving advice
from the wise;
i believe in the need
to trust
i trust you if i can feel
your shoulder can lift
a bucket of water from the well
or that you are working at it;
i believe in the need to love
what you do
and that you can create love
for it is an action
and we are what we do
i believe not in me, nor in you
i do believe wholeheartedly
in we. this i believe.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

make stuff up

make stuff up
do -whatever happens
build with your hand
share, open up
dare defend
and win the attack
and if you get there
do not forget
yourself when you started up
let the weak
lift the small voice up
let growth happen
towards light

rather i'd rather

i'd rather be naive
than convoluted;
works just fine
for me; for as long
as i am not afraid
of vulnerability.

i'd rather hurt
than be indifferent
i'd rather give
than be forever hollow,
so will you please
give me your hand
and trust?

let's dare step
on hot sand
in the sun
and dance
with the wave
for we can solve
all problems as one

- this one for Bushu

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


play your song
play it loud
there may be a chance
you can still wiggle out
the spark that buds in your heart
there is still a chance
to light up the colors
in a perfect sixth
and shoot them up
in a rainbow

Friday, February 17, 2017


you walk alone
your soul is hollow
your light is low

you meet a man
who lends a hand
and lights a spark

the world lights up
your fire's kindled
the wind is strong
and lifts your life

it's but a dance
and please remember
at times to pay your debts

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

What is it which gets old within us (2)

What is it which gets old within us
by Lucian Blaga
(in my imperfect translation)

What is it which gets old within us,
that unexpectedly makes us rise one morning
With the desire to hide
Name and face?

What is it which gets old within us,
that when we reach the twilight
makes us find out that we belong to the past,
estranged from contemporaries, fog's shadows?

It surely cannot be the pulsating blood
nor the beating heart, the passion, or spirit,
nor the echoes reverberating in our ears,
but only the tear
for old men cry old tears

i have learned a new language

i have learned a new language
so that i could understand
the words of your songs;
so please sing them to me now
while i can still hear
the trill

What is it which gets old within us

by Lucian Blaga (in my imperfect translation)

What is it which gets old within us,
that unexpectedly makes us rise one morning
With the desire to hide
Name and face?

What is it which gets old within us,
that when we reach the twilight
makes us find out that we belong to the past,
foreigners among today, shadows in the fog?

It surely cannot be the pulsating blood
nor the beating heart, the passion, or spirit,
nor the echoes reverberating in our ears,
but only the tear
for old men cry old tears

Monday, January 30, 2017


your worries should lie low
your songs shall softly
rock a baby cradle now
your hearts shall beat in unison
while water waves shall
gently touch their banks to flow

the ocean waves should come and go
to sandy shores they bring homage
to boats they bring the force they need
so smoothly sail my love
ahead of fears and towards dreams
untouched by webs of mermaid spells

today you have your song to sing
your voice i want to hear
as it will rise above the chorus whispers
while the silver girl you accompanied here
shall touch the strings and help you weave
the fabric of your dreams

Monday, January 23, 2017

rain/to keep the light flowing

some days are plain gray
and it feels like there is not
enough love in the world;
just wind whistling,
aimless leaves rustling
on cracked pavement

some days start green
and you wake up and think
if i am the only love
left in the world
must i not do something
to kindle the fire we need?

and if your light seeds
the night sky with stars
and if the sky starts pouring
tears on the ground
while a hand touches a hand
the grass will start growing

to keep the light flowing

Thursday, January 05, 2017

hip hop

I may not be hip
but i am certainly hoppy
i may be indian pale,
brown or golden
but always on
the bitter side
i am an ale
an ageless ale

I used to be
brewed by alewives
with secret mixtures
of herbs and spice
sweet gale and sage
and the sap of pine
a bit of wormwood
and yarrow and broom

I have been safe to drink
for the belligerent knights;
at their tables
when the water was stale
and truly a danger
but did not last on long trips
with lone sailors
and could not shorten their travels

then hops came along
and i got a new life
infused with the youth
of ginger and orange
i am an ale,
be bitter or sweet
I may not be hip
but i am certainly hoppy