Thursday, May 11, 2017

this i believe

i believe
that giving makes you free
to move on to other things;
that teaching is the supreme
form of giving;
that working together
is better than racing
against each other.
i believe you can create
in harmony and trust
and hope that we can 
all get better at what we do.
i believe in learning
at any age;
and in receiving advice
from the wise;
i believe in the need
to trust
i trust you if i can feel
your shoulder can lift
a bucket of water from the well
or that you are working at it;
i believe in the need to love
what you do
and that you can create love
for it is an action
and we are what we do
i believe not in me, nor in you
i do believe wholeheartedly
in we. this i believe.

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